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This refreshing tonic is great for your skin, boosts collagen and is super easy to make.

Mangosteen contains high levels of antioxidants and mangosteen peel has been touted as one of the highest sources of vitamin C found in nature. The pericarp of the fruit curbs the production of acne-causing inflammation along with other skin breakouts. Mangosteen also promotes microcirculation improving the appearance of skin vitality and radiance. 

Hibiscus is full of amino acids, has deeply hydrating and detoxing properties and keeps your skin looking soft thanks to an increased transfer of nutrients.

We added Mãnuka Honey for delicious sweetness as well as immune support 

2 1/2 dl Water 

1 tsp Mangosteen Hibiscus powder from Anima Mundi

1 tsp Mãnuka Honey 

Mix the ingredients in warm water to dissolve them easily, let the drink cool down and serve with ice. Yum!

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