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"Intent is the most powerful force in the universe"




In India where the chakra system was developed and discovered, the also new very well about the power of transformation. In this country the element of Fire is revered everyday as one of the main forces and deities in the Universe, they call it Agni and it is present in every single ceremony, temple and lives in every shrine. 


They are aware that fire is the force of transformation, that which keeps us alive by transforming nature into digestible nutrients, toxicity into nectar and the cold into warm.


Fire is also in our own bodies. 

Its seat is in our navel and radiates vibrant life all through the body.

Notice its importance and power.

When our fire is weak, we become sick. 

When our fire is low, there is sadness and depression.

We lit our fire with self-respect, devotional practices and the right foods.

When it is strong it gives us back courage, will, intent and determination.


Agni is what lies in the center of the Universe. The creative force.

Being also you, the center of your own Universe.

Your agni seats in your navel.

And it attracts energy from the cosmos into your being.



MANIPURA CHAKRA मणिपूरMaṇipūra


Element: Fire 


Mantra :  RAM


Colour : Yellow



Meaning "city of jewels" in sanskrit - the ancient Indian language 

Situated behind the navel, it is the third vital energy chakra after the Sacral or Manipura. It represents the power of transformation as it is the flame that alchemises one thing into another, such as our digestive fire or "agni" does with our food transforming it into nutrients and furthermore into nectar for our body to live, grow and thrive. 


This is how Manipura governs digestion, the sacred inner fires, without which we wouldn't be here. Knowing that when our digestion is weakened and food not digested properly we create "ama" or toxicity and the body becomes lethargic and dull, even sick and depressed.


In this same way it is said that Manipura is the force that radiates prana (vital energy) throughout all the body


According to the ancient rishis each chakra has a colour, for this one is golden yellow: reflecting the colour of the fire element and the connection we have with the Solar force.



Characteristics and Domain

The Navel Chakra stores vitality and sacred fire. Being referred to as "city of gems" it contains many precious jewels such as the qualities of clarity, self-confidence, bliss, self-assurance, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct decisions. 


When this chakra is well balanced, we experience good health and are able to overcome any illness, working as a power station.


Blockages in this centre can cause many health problems such as digestive disorders, circulatory disease, diabetes and fluctuations in blood pressure



Organs in the Body: Circulatory system, colon, pancreas, digestive system



Signs of imbalance : 

Physical Symptoms: digestive disorders such as heartburn, intestinal párasites, food allergies, indigestion, leaky gut syndrome, IBS, bloating, poor absorption of nutrients, eating disorders,  etc + circulatory diseases + diabetes + fluctuations in blood pressure + burn out and low vitality in general

Emotional Symptoms: we experience depression, lack of willpower, feeling weak and fearful + inability to feel/express love + excessive anger and aggression + constant mistrust towards people in your life + unhealthy attachments.  too much pride + difficulty setting boundaries

Mental Symptoms: feelings of insecurity + self-doubt and a lack of direction in life + rigidity and control + lack spontaneity + foggy brain + difficulty in making decisions + weak sense of Self + feeling constantly confused about our purpose 


Re-balancing the Manipura:

Try out these simple practices and rituals to strengthen this energy centre. Also consider chanting or repeating the mantra "RAM" which is the primordial sound of manipura.


1. Light a candle or sit by a bonfire connecting with the element of fire from the outside towards your insight. Visualising the flame of the heat is extra powerful. 


2. Do acts of generosity towards yourself and others given that this chakra relates to love, expansion flow and confidence like the radiating sun reside in gratitude and a mentality of abundance knowing that the Universe always provides and you are a source of happiness and love.


3. Aromatherapy: use an oil diffuser with one or a combination of these essential oils of ginger, grapefruit, german chamomile, black pepper,lemon, rosemary, geranium, mandarine to open your senses and solar plexus.


4. Food: Introducing bright coloured, specially yellow foods into the diet such as corn, bananas, ginger and turmeric, pineapples, mango, lemon, yellow squash, apricots. Foods that grow outdoors in the sun and hold the solar fire in general.


5. Core and aerobic exercises to stimulate the flow of energy, blood and vitality from the Manipura towards your whole body.  


Affirmations for Manipura: 

"Intent is the most powerful force in the universe

"I am. I can. I will"

"I am enough"

"I love myself unconditionally"

"I now throw off all the negative energies that life collects"

"I am healthy and protected"

"My mind is clear"

"I stand in my personal power"

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