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What Happens When you Manifest It? 

You have spent time, effort and energy on manifesting your dream Fill-in-the-blank: job, relationship, partnership, position etc. The universe answers you. You receive it. Then what?

Most of us try to then not accept it, to give it back, nit-pick it or sabotage it. This is the uncanny and hilarious reality, as most of us don’t feel ready or deserving enough of the very things we wished for. You see, most of us operate within very narrow bands of an experience. We want to keep our selves in tact and in control over whatever situation that presents itself. Part of this is that we haven’t trained our nervous system to hold the capacity necessary to take on this new

up-levelling. In other instances, it may be that we have unresolved issues such as fear or wounding that needs to be addressed before we can actually take on the thing. This backlash may surprise you when it appears and if you are new to ‘inner work’ it may be very confusing, so let’s break it down.

You have been working on educating yourself so that you can pivot your job role into something more fulfilling. You finish your education and then you may feel stunned and even frozen in the fear of now having to actualise what you’ve been working on. Part of that is to justify the time, energy and money paid into some tangible result. We are very accustomed in the Western world that ‘input in’ must equal ‘visible results’ to the outer world. This is often seen in producing something tangible, a product or service, or to earn more money, which is used as a measure of your value. I posit: What about the inner knowing?

The transformative journey you have made in studying, learning and widening your understanding may be the main results of your education. Because these aren’t widely visible to the external world, it is hard to value this, and therefore difficult to honour the part of you that has made tremendous inroads on your internal, very personal, inner-journey. You yourself have up-levelled and this growth will be revealed in your choices, your actions and behaviours, which will eventually give you more connected relationships, fulfilling jobs and Self-fulfilment. Since you are living your life for you, this is pretty tremendous accomplishment. Yet, that initial phase may be difficult because you may not feel ready to allow yourself to rely on that new inner knowing.

What about those of us who have been hoping to manifest the perfect partner? Someone who ticks all the boxes, but more importantly, just feels right from the get-go. The kind of right, where it is effortless and you feel you have known each other for years, and there is no guessing or games played. You may begin to search for reasons why this could never work out, so and so is bad at this or that, or you doubt their sincerity, or begin the nit-picking. You are sabotaging your new relationship, because there is some part of you that is stuck in old wounding or in denial that you do deserve a beautiful love in your life.

In The Practice we work with tolerating the discomfort of these questions and these worries so that we can extend the edges of our experience. We learn to accommodate the doubt and the fear, as we begin to stretch ourselves beyond what we have known. We stretch into our new, greater, capacity to hold that which has been and the unknown future. We can make more space available to let in the amazing wonder of these gifts. So, if you find yourself having received the very thing you were hoping for and you are struggling with allowing it in, know that this is a very normal, human response. With a little love, tenderness and self-compassion, and some practice, you can begin to open yourself up to all of that which is being delivered.

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