Potent, functional chocolate. Being healthy while enjoying decadent chocolate shouldn't be difficult! I’m a food lover. More specifically, a chocolate lover…but I’m also passionate about health, wellness and our planet. After my daughter was born, I’d steal a few moments for myself when I could—often involving chocolate. At the same time, I was rushing to make my daily smoothie, loaded with the powders and supplements I needed to keep going. So, I thought, why not infuse chocolate with adaptogens and nootropics to meld sweet indulgence and health benefits into one? Thus Eat Gold Organics was born. I sought out experts in alchemy and nutrition and educated myself on adaptogens, nootropics, and ancient wisdom. I’ve worked with renowned herbalists to ensure the efficacy of our formulations and brought on an award-winning chocolatier to help develop our recipes. The end result? An assortment of bars that are both functional and flavorful. Eat Gold sources cacao from actual producers, not middle men. And for ethical, environmental, and health reasons, we’re 100% plant-based