HEALTH BAR CONSCIOUS. NATURAL. ON PURPOSE. Welcome to our Health Bar Kosmos! We launched our first own product line in mid-September 2021: organic matcha from Japan in the highest premium quality. Many different types of matcha were tested for over 1 year and the decision was made to choose a family business from the Uji region (Japan). The young and tender tea leaves from the first harvest are picked by hand here and processed without the use of machinery. The cultivation is carried out without pesticides and plant protection products and annual soil samples, as well as laboratory tests for heavy metal contamination and radiation exposure are carried out. Our matcha impresses with its almost neon green color, its sweet and creamy umami taste - free from any bitterness! Our packaging made from recyclable material has been awarded the Interseroh sustainability seal. Our range has now been expanded to include more products that complement our matcha well. VISIONS & VALUES Our mission is to create holistic awareness of a healthy lifestyle (mind, nutrition, health). We create plant-based recipes and develop certified organic products that provide important benefits and are convincing in their taste. Natural ingredients are particularly important to us here. Protecting nature and the environment is our top priority.