Uncover cutting-edge, clinically tested, Ayurvedic & adaptogenic skin and hair care

The elevated level of self-care in India and their devotion to ritualistic daily practices sparked the idea for Ranavat, a botanical skincare collection that drives connection. Founder Michelle Ranavat learned first-hand that working with only the essentials yields noticeable results. Her distinct aesthetic and thoroughly researched formulations give way to each strategically-picked botanical.

When it comes to creating her blends, she prefer taking the long road. Each ingredient is methodically extracted, preserved for its healing properties, and secured for your skin’s benefit. Essentially, it’s the melding of modern chemistry and romance. Much like eating well and exercising to maintain your health, beautiful skin comes from consistency. The same goes for self-care, which shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Ranavat believe the connection between person and product isn’t a once-in-a-while ritual. Consider it habitual.