We’re devoted to elevating the art of personal care and believe that living well should smell incredible. Founded in 2022 in Los Angeles, Monks was born from a desire for high quality, all natural, non-toxic body care products that outperform their conventional counterparts and offer the olfactory experience of fine fragrance. We source our ideas and ingredients from the Monks garden. Each deodorant release begins with the creation of an exquisite, transportive signature scent that is brought to life through our natural fragrance expertise. From there, nature inspires our innovation. We use only sustainable, plant-based ingredients to craft gentle yet hyper-effective products that respect both body and planet. Monks is an inclusive brand. Our luxurious fragrance blends and gentle yet effective formulas are created for one and for all—just as nature intended. Our formulas are crafted to improve skin: we pay careful attention to using natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients, historically and globally-praised medicinal plants, compounds that balance the skin's pH, and more. Our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable. Elements of the beautiful natural world inspire our color tones. Our products are vegan and cruelty free.Monks is deodorant, reinvented.

Monks is natural luxury for everyone.