Dirty Crystals

Posted by Maria Arenlind on

They are pretty much everywhere - but have you asked yourself where your healing gems come from and how they got to you?  Crystals are more than just another exploitable resource- they are living things beyond the understanding of modern science and the cultures of the Celts, Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans and Vedic India are deeply interwoven with the mineral kingdom. Crystals are archetypal pure frequencies. The importance of ethical crystal mining is not just about the impact on the planet, but also on the crystal itself as the mining of a stone affects its healing properties. Crystal consumers need to be aware that if they are buying crystals to help them connect with the earth and for their healing properties there is a very real risk they could be contributing to grave human-rights abuses, environmental destruction, conflict and corruption.  

I’ve been deeply fascinated with crystals since I was a little girl and making the decision to sell them at Caeleste was natural, but their source had to be pure. Dynamiting mountains and collecting the rubble causes long-term damage to both the environment and crystals. We want to provide you with the most vibrant ethically mined crystals. We only source our crystals from safe distributors with long-standing relationships with small-scale mines that never use explosives and individual miners only using hand tools to ensure there is no human trauma or environmental destruction involved. After cleansing all the crystals we store them in solid oak drawers lined with white sage preventing any unwanted impressions.

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