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"They are powerful, sometimes dormant, mystical and invisible.

Meet them by tuning in. Meet them by loving the information about it. 

Dive in. Feel. 

Explore and open doors."

The chakras are energy centers located along the spinal cord. I have been learning about them since a young age, especially since my first trip to India in 2009 when I was mesmerized by the whole Indian tradition and ancient knowledge. 

You cannot touch or see them, but they can be felt and acknowledged. They are energetic in nature - you will "see" them in the way they reflect in the functions and internal processes of the body - that's where that energy takes form and becomes visible. It is the underlying force of motion. 

The ancient rishis of India said there is many of them, probably 114, yet 7 are the main ones. They begin at the base of the spine and go up along an energy line called "shushumna" that runs from the pelvic floor up to the crown. 

The main one is the first one, Muladhara, located at the very base of the spine. This is where everything begins and the main one to be activated to nourish all the rest in a sustainable/magical way.

*On this session we will be focusing on this chakra and will release a new article every month with the rest of them - stay tuned

MULADHARA CHAKRA  मूलाधार, Mūlādhāra

Element: Earth 

Mantra : LAM

Colour : Red

"Mula" meaning "foundation" in sanskrit - the ancient Indian language 

From a mystical perspective, the chakras, Muladhara, is the root of our being. It represents our connection to the physical world, stability, and survival instincts. 

Each chakra has a colour, for this one is a vibrant red hue or black. It is characterised for having a pulsating energy, holding the key to unlocking our primal nature, feeling at home in our own skin and taking our place.

When balanced, Muladhara provides a solid base for opening the rest of the six chakras.

Characteristics and Domain

It governs our sense of security, stability, and ability to navigate the challenges of life. When in balance, this chakra enables us to feel safe, confident, and connected to the world around us. It empowers us to embrace change, overcome adversity, and cultivate a strong foundation upon which we can build our lives.

Organs in the Body: lower back, digestive organs, legs, feet, anus, kidneys, prostate, and adrenal glands.

Signs of imbalance : being in a survival mode or feeling lost

Physical Symptoms: lower back pain, digestive issues, and immune system imbalances. Low vitality. Constipation. Eating disorders. Insomnia. Sciatica. Urinary troubles.

Emotional Symptoms: insecurity, fear, loneliness, not wanting to be in this world

Mental Symptoms: restlessness, and a lack of focus. Poor sense of orientation, overthinking, impracticality. 

Re-balancing the Muladhara:

This is a crucial energy center or vortex, something like the "sit" of all the rest. Having the muladhara energised and aligned becomes something so important especially as you start diving deeper into your spiritual sadhana - this is why it is one of my favourites and I am always working on it. You might also notice that sometimes it is more grounded and solid and then other times it needs more love and attention. So here is a guide about what to do.

1. Grounding meditations

2. Food: This chakra is all about grounding and being firm in this world, this is why all the root vegetables are super aligned and act as medicine. Protein is also grounding and stabilising, think about when you have only eaten vegetables and how that makes your body and mind feel (probably ungrounded and undernourished).  Go for red colours and rich foods, they make you feel alive and in this body. Our favourites are: sweet potatoes and potatoes, turnips, eggs, beetroot, pepper and cayenne, berries, red apples, pomegranate and dates. 

3. Daily practices: Walking barefoot and connecting with nature. Practices that make you feel your body such as yoga, dancing, tai chi or another which you can do with awareness and not rushing.

4. Decluttering: space, body, mind and emotions.

5. Listening to drums and drumming

Affirmations for the Muladhara: 

"I am connected and grounded through the Earth" 

"I am confident"

"I am abundant"

"I belong"

"I am safe"


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