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Some months ago the blue lotus flower came into my life. It was given to me in different forms by friends and even strangers - almost as an offering. 

I recognised in me a deep longing to experience its energy, it was my feminine speaking, wanting to be explored and revealed by the use of this medicine.

I first took it in a tincture form and minutes later I was in her presence, I felt soft, open and almost in between worlds - like the ancient goddess. 

Lotus flower has a yin vibrational field, it will permeate all the parts of your body that are soft, mysterious, vulnerable and hidden. the precious ones.

It is Maa, the shakti, the inner waters.


The plant has deep long roots that symbolise the feminine mysteries and the infinite journey ahead when we want to know any woman´s essence. A path that tends to go down, down, down into her abode, it is not external. 

Lotus flowers are huge, they can be as wide as 20cm and even though they rise from the mud they always come out spotless clean and pure. They are royal and generous - they are the sit of the goddess. 

They also represent different aspects of the yin spectrum as they come in different colours : blue for knowledge, white for purity, pink for sensuality and purple for spirituality. 


A complete life cycle can happen in one day: birth, death and rebirth - as the flower will sink down the waters during the night into the mud and then rise up again the following morning to meet the sun and shine. This quality makes me think of the power of the soul that by standing on its own strength and maturity goes into the darkness in order to transmute and shine purity back to the Sun - the higher consciousness. 

This is why for the Buddhists it is a symbol for enlightenment and spirituality.


What attracted me the most of this flower was her representation of the svadhisthana chakra, the sexual sacred center situated above the navel, the of six petal lotus center.

This energy center in our bodies holds the "inner waters" carrying our emotional self: feelings and the inner moon qualities. 


svadhisthana stands for : the inner abode 


As soon as my friend told me of their resonance I wanted to experience how that would feel in my own body - to commune with a flower with this powerful Egyptian history and vibrational quality.


That first day when I took it in a tincture form i realised how I was much more prepared to open up emotionally during the day and also to hold an inner sense of strength that was now available because I was closer to the feminine energy. Which is vulnerable but so strong and powerful.

I felt as if connected to a greater source of "shakti power" that I could trust on and rest upon.


I felt also juicy and soft, allowing and connected. 

My heart was saying yes - and the mind was mesmerised.

With this also came magnetism and sensuality - it was a magical day.


This flower showed me how to access my own sweet nectar or "ojas" and even more how to drink from it and enjoy it myself.

"no flower is more spiritual than the lotus" - they say

BLUE LOTUS : Therapeutic Actions + Benefits

Nymphaea caerulea, popularly known as the blue lotus flower or the blue Egyptian lotus, is a water lily in the genus Nymphaea. Images of the blue lotus flower can be found on ancient Egyptian papyri and tomb depictions. It has been speculated that the flower was used in ancient Egyptian culture as part of healing and shamanistic rituals dating back to the fourteenth century B.C. Today, blue lotus flower is used as a sleep aid and anxiety reliever, but has also been described as a mild stimulant.

HOW? I recommend to take it as a tea or tincture form

my favorite actions include: 

Psychoactive Effects : 

Blue lotus tea was used in ancient societies in the Middle East much like yerba mate is used in South America. The tea offers mild psychoactive effects that offer a feeling of euphoria. These effects are the main reason the flower was brewed into a tea for celebrations.

Sleep Aid :

Due to the presence of compounds like nuciferine and aporphine, Blue Lotus Flower Tea stabilises and strengthens your sleeping process. These compounds offer antispasmodic effects and a calming sensation that may help to induce more peaceful sleep. The antispasmodic effects may also help to alleviate gastrointestinal problems

Lucid Dreaming :

Blue lotus tea is often used by individuals to induce or enhance lucid dreams. To achieve these lucid dreams, many people ingest the extract of the blue lily plant or add the blue flowers to hot water to brew an herbal tea. 

Menstruation Problems :

It has a pronounced effect on the female hormonal system, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce the discomforts of PMS and menopause. Blue Lotus Flower Tea can be an effective natural remedy. 

Aprodisiac :

Blue Lotus Tea acts as a sexual enhancer as well. Its composition affects the hormones of both males and females - which enhance romantic moods and increase libido.. Additionally, it was also used in ancient Egypt, where its consumption was considered before sexual ceremonies. 

Detoxification. Containing antioxidants such as flavonoids, quercetin, kaempferol, and myricetin, Blue Lotus supports healthy cellular activity and protects the body from free radicals.

    How to brew Blue Lotus Tea?

    It is so easy to prepare the vibrant Blue Lotus Flower Tea, which never misses a chance to bestow its treasure of goodness. Follow the steps given below to brew the easiest yet the most palatable Blue Lotus Flower Tea:


    • Filtered Water
    • Tea leaves and flowers
    • Jaggery or honey


    • Take 250-500ml water in a pan.
    • Let it boil
    • Add 2 tbsp dried Blue Lotus Flowers tea
    • Let your infusion steep for 5-10 minutes
    • Add 1tbsp of honey or sweetener of choice, if required
    • Strain the Blue Lotus Flower Tea in your best-loved mug

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