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Natural deodorants sometimes have a bad reputation and until quite recently, natural deodorant formulas weren’t that impressive. Fortunately there has been a major shift and several clean beauty brands offer amazing options that you’ll love. Knowing the shifts and changes your body will go through as you make the jump from conventional to clean will make the journey easier.The main thing to remember is that deodorant does not mean antiperspirant. Deodorant helps to keep unwanted smells at bay, antiperspirants stop sweat. The way that antiperspirants do this is usually through aluminum which plugs the pores. Lots of research suggests that this is as bad for your body as it is for the environment. Go figure! When you make the switch to a deodorant that’s natural then, it’s important to keep in mind that it won’t necessarily always keep your underarm skin bone dry. After all, sweat is normal. And totally healthy. The potential health problems associated with applying conventional antiperspirants and deodorants to the body have been talked about for a long time but the alternatives were less than reliable and often weak.  Conventional deodorants containing propylene glycol, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, silica, and more chemical nasties have been on the market for more than a 100 years  and while these ingredients are harmful to our bodies and our water systems they are actually not necessarily better performing than natural ones either. You may have heard the theory that using deodorant may increase your risk of breast cancer. One reason for this concern may be that breast cancer is most likely to occur in the upper, outer section of the breast. That’s the section closest to the underarm. To date, there’s no clear evidence linking deodorants to the development of breast cancer. Through the years, studies have produced conflicting results. But none have found a cause-and-effect connection that directly shows whether using deodorant with certain ingredients has any direct effect on breast cancer risk. That said, applying synthetic fragrance and aluminum onto the thin skin of the underarms seems a tad bit unnecessary when clean beauty companies have developed deodorants that keep you smelling fresh without potentially very harmful ingredients. Clean deodorants use different methods for tackling the pits- some use clay powders to absorb wetness while others use essential oils to target odor.


The switch from a conventional deodorant to a clean one can involve a transition period: The body adjusts, and it can scare people back to their chemical deodorant. Your body goes through a detoxing phase as you stop using pore-clogging and synthetic antiperspirants. During the first week of using your new deo, you most likely wont notice much of a difference from when you used a synthetic one. This is because your pores will still be plugged up. Throughout week two and three, you may notice a stronger smell and more moisture, as your body attempts to flush out the toxins trapped in your pores. By week four the bacteria in your armpits will rebalance. You'll sweat less and smell better and better. Your natural deodorant will therefore be enough to keep your pits in tip top shape. While this adjustment can be rough, it’s totally worth it in the end. The detox process is completely natural as your body purges any toxins that have built up due to using commercial deodorants. If you’re struggling, wash your armpits thoroughly between applications to help release toxins and let them breathe at night with no product on. It’s a difficult switch to make at first, especially since the initial adjustment period makes it easy to quit early on. There’s also tons of different formulas and scents of natural deodorant on the market, so finding one that works for you takes some testing. But trust us when we say that it’s a rewarding process, so don’t give up!


If you have sensitive skin and natural deodorants give you a rash, pick one that doesn’t contain bicarbonate of soda, like Cleo+ Coco’s Charcoal Deodorant. Bicarbonate of soda has odour-absorbing qualities, but its alkaline base can lead to itches and rashes. Make sure to wash your armpits every night before bed to make sure you don’t have any product left during the night if you’re sensitive in the first place. When buying, make sure you read the product descriptions to ensure that you’re choosing the right one for you. And don’t forget washing your armpits every night before bed to ensure that any excess product isn’t lingering on the skin if sensitivity is still an issue.

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