Upplagt av Caeleste den

Just to get you ready for this upcoming new moon on 19th May the great benefic in the sky "Jupiter" makes it's royal ingress into the sign of our Pachamama -  the earthly "Taurus". Both will be in the same sign as well as a third component which is Mercury, the messenger of the gods, bringing the clarity you were longing for.

This combination awakens the spirits of nature as well as your wilder senses, soothing the previous stormy planetary times.

Jupiter visits Taurus only once every 12 years and will clearly benefit all of those born under a Taurus Sun, Moon or rising sign.

Jupiter is the generous one and will bless you with abundance, joy and expansion.

You'll see that this planetary move is quite clear ~ you'll experience a shift in some area of your life with joy and good luck

For all of us is a time to come back into the beauty of our own bodies, the pleasure that arises by going slower, of soaking in the rays of the spring sun and removing old layers of skin to remember that beauty is with you. And she's waiting to shine.

We think of beauty as harmony codes running deep within our soul. 

We think of beauty as the heart recognizing it's lover

The heart following the sun

As Jupiter will make you see the grace in the simplicity of life and the Universe is supporting.

You might have came across with astrologers saying Mercury has been in retrograde during the last weeks ~ great news is that it is finally changing gears and going direct right the same day that our dear Jupiter went into Taurus. 

This combination brings so much juiciness and understanding. 

Mercury is the human mind :

Jupiter is the mind of god :

While Taurus is the soma, the body : ♉︎

Listen to the body

Listen to the birds

The whispers of the river

As they have so much to tell you right now 

Sending sexy yummy taurian vibes to each  one of you

Time to celebrate the new season ✨

Maria Jose Gidi of The Astral Club for Caeleste

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